AirBadge Features

AirBadge is a comprehensive platform designed exclusively to streamline badge office operations for 1542 and part 139 airports.

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Paperless Badge Office Tools

  • Utilize a robust document repository and create special-use forms
  • Process new badge applications and renewals according to customizable workflows
  • Prepare and digitally sign authorizer’s statement and badge application forms
  • Connect required training to an application or renewal workflow
  • Compatible with smartphones, tablets, computers
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manage badges in airbadge

Self-Service Portal

  • Step-by-step guided workflows guarantee timely and accurate submission of materials
  • Compatible with smartphones, tablets, computers
  • Acquire identification document images prior to in-person appointments
  • Incorporate eSign Act-compliant digital signatures from both applicant and signatory
  • All Self-service functionality is available to applicants, badge holders, and signatories 24x7x365
  • Dedicated portal tailored for Trusted Agents, Signatories, Badge Holders, and Applicants

Integrated Appointment Scheduling

  • Applicants and badge holders can schedule and reschedule their own appointment without utilizing badge office resources
  • Create custom appointment types of varying lengths
  • Track appointments that are missed, cancelled, or completed
  • Assign scheduled appointments to a pool of resources or assign them to specific individuals
  • Integrated workflows determine which appointment types can be scheduled based on progress and gates
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transmitting to tsc

DAC, Training, PACS Integrations

  • Send fingerprints and enrollment information to TSA for security threat assessments and Criminal History Record Checks
  • Process fingerprints and STAs quickly and efficiently
  • Ensure data integrity by eliminating duplicate or erroneous data
  • Eliminate spreadsheets that expose PII

Signatory & Company Management

  • Navigate security and authorization hierarchy (including Authorized Signatory dependents)
  • Track first responder credentials
  • Track movement area credentials
  • Track Authorized Signer training and authority
  • Assign multiple roles for a single individual
  • Configure team-based signatories for larger companies with multiple signatories
signatory tools in airbadge
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Kiosk Mode for Applicants

Do you have applicants in your badge office that need help completing a task in AirBadge? Enroll a kiosk and skip the login process for them.

Secure Messaging + SMS

  • Automate notifications based on customizable rules
  • Alert third parties (e.g. airport security or operations)
  • Expedite internal tasks and improve security response times
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media audit in airbadge

Automated Badge Audits

  • Streamline TSA mandated badge audits
  • Customize audit criteria, including randomization by type and previous audit history
  • Authorized Signatories can monitor and assist badge holders via web and mobile for prompt compliance

Comprehensive Reports

  • Review a variety of reports including Revalidation Threshold, Unaccounted For Badges, Stop List reporting, and more.
  • Monitor key metrics like expiring badges, training, escorting ratios, and expiring identity documents.
  • Export your data for in-depth analysis and record-keeping.
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violations in Airbadge

Violations Tracking

  • Manage, update, and notify staff about violations.
  • Add files, fines, offense numbers, and more details.

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