Badge Office Automation

Gain measurable improvements in security, safety, and efficiency.

AirBadge is automation software built exclusively for commercial airport badge offices.












“Badge audits previously took us about three months to complete. With AirBadge we have 80% compliance within the first week and 95% after two weeks…Our workload has decreased about 80%.

– an ASC with many thousands of badges to audit

Secure Cloud-Based Badge Management

AirBadge Platform

  • Built exclusively for 1542 and part 139 airports
  • Zero upfront capital expense required
  • Deployable in weeks, not years
  • Maintenance, software updates and IT costs included
  • Engage your customers on their device of choice – Android, iOS and wearables
  • Define structured processes that follow your established ASP to support more streamlined, more efficient, more accurate, more secure operations.

AirBadge Infrastructure

  • Fully managed cloud infrastructure and security
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • 24/7 physical security at datacenter locations
  • High availability solutions available up to 2N+1

TSA 1542 Compliance

  • Platform approved for use by TSA
  • Modules and features meet or exceed security guidelines
  • We can help improve your ASP to allow for AirBadge
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AirBadge Features

The AirBadge platform has many modules to support your badge office operations, signatories badge holders and applicants.

Badge Management

  • Easily access data quickly with sorting and filtering
  • Collaborate in real time
  • Notes and comments on badges and people preserve historical activities
  • Navigate security and authorization hierarchy

See AirBadge in Action

Badge Applications

  • Process new badge applications and renewals according to customizable workflows
  • Prepare and digitally sign authorizer’s statement and badge application forms
  • Connect required training to an application or renewal workflow

Appointment Scheduling

  • Applicants and badge holders can schedule and reschedule their own appointment without utilizing badge office resources
  • Create custom appointment types of varying lengths
  • Assign scheduled appointments to a pool of resources or assign it to a specific individual
  • Integrated workflows determine which appointment types can be scheduled based on progress and gates


  • Automatically assign training as part of a badge application workflow
  • Securely show video content
  • Expire and prevent unauthorized access
  • Automated testing and grading
  • Include additional training for endorsements to ensure compliance
  • Automate training lifecycle management

Badge Audits

  • Create, track and manage TSA mandated badge audits
  • Easily customize badge selection criteria including randomization by type, previous audits and more
  • Authorized Signatories can track and assist their badge holders on web and mobile to ensure prompt compliance

See AirBadge in Action


  • Automate notifications based on customizable rules
  • Alert third parties (e.g. airport security or operations)
  • Expedite internal tasks and improve security response times

People and Role Management

People Management

  • Track STA, CHRC and doc expiration dates
  • View history of applications, badges, renewals, incidents
  • Navigate security and authorization hierarchy (including Authorized Signatory dependants)
  • Track first responder credentials
  • Track movement area credentials
  • View people with active and inactive badges
  • Invite new people to apply for a badge
  • Track Authorized Signer training and authority
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    Role Management

    • Specific security capabilities for Airport Managers, Airport Security Coordinators, Trusted Agents, Authorized Signatories, Badge Holders, Applicants and Invitees.
    • Assign multiple roles for a single individual
    • Supports team-based signatories for larger companies with multiple signatories

    See AirBadge in Action