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Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does AirBadge cost?

Pricing depends on the modules and features your airport or airport authority requires. It also depends on the number of users within the system. Please contact sales to schedule a demo and receive a quote.

How Do We Get Started With AirBadge?

The first step is to schedule a demo. Depending on the particulars of your ASP we can tailor a demo to meet your needs. We can also give you a price estimate and supply you with a service contract.

Is AirBadge secure?

AirBadge is purpose-built for security. All aspects of AirBadge are engineered to support very high levels of security. Starting with two-factor authentication for logins to encrypted communications between you and our servers, all access is secured. On the back-end all data is encrypted at rest and again in transit between servers.

How long does it take to set up AirBadge?

AirBadge is software as a service so there is no hardware or software to set up on your end. All that is required to use AirBadge is an active contract, a configuration to reflect your ASP and an initial import of data.

Can AirBadge support my large/small airport?

AirBadge is designed to accommodate USA-based commercial airports. From airport authorities with multiple airports to a single-field with only 200 badges, AirBadge is flexible and robust. Depending on the features you need, modules can be added to give you the maximum benefit.

What is the SLA and uptime guarantee?

SLA is governed by your individual contract. We have high-availability solutions for the most demanding airports that cannot schedule or tolerate downtime. We have data centers throughout the country and can be fault tolerant up to 2N+1. Please contact sales for more information.

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