Success Stories

AirBadge automates processes at numerous airports across the United States.

Here’s a few success stories from AirBadge users.

people reading an iPad in an airport badge office

"AirBadge has freed me from my desk. I can be in the field and still help our tenants apply for badges. This system is just what our small staff needed to help us be more productive."

– Carla Osborn, Operations Officer, Santa Maria Public Airport

STS leveraged AirBadge automations to gain efficiencies that they believed were only possible at large airports – at a price point they could afford.

"With AirBadge in place we have been able to increase the efficiency of our badge office staff, ensure data accuracy across multiple systems, and enable a better customer experience for our badged population."

– Jon Stout, Airport Manager, Charles M. Schulz – Sonoma County Airport

AirBadge modernized the STS badge office which led to a significant increase in efficiency and provided numerous conveniences to their badged population.

AirBadge helped the STS badge office stay open during the pandemic by providing badge holders with more self-service options and reducing the requirement for in-person visits.

"Badge audits previously took us about three months to complete. With AirBadge we have 80% compliance within the first week and 95% after two weeks...Our workload has decreased about 80%."

– Airport Security Manager, Charles M. Schulz – Sonoma County Airport

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