Good News! Your airport has AirBadge.

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Save time and reduce visits to the badge office.

Complete your common badge-related activities online with AirBadge.

Applicants Can:

  • Apply for a new badge
  • Renew your badge and update your information
  • Check status on your application
  • Notify the airport of changes to your badge status

Signatories Can:

  • Invite new hires to apply for a badge
  • Authorize or prevent renewals
  • Manage badges under your authorization
  • Respond to TSA-ordered badge audits

AirBadge is for Badge Holders & Applicants.

Your first day at the airport can be exciting and a little overwhelming. The airport is like a bustling city, filled with new procedures to follow.

With AirBadge, you won’t need to wait for an appointment to start your badge application. Receive your invitation and start the process online.

Our step-by-step workflow will guide you through the documents you’ll need for your application. Sign your paperwork and scan your identification documents right from your phone.  Learn exactly which documents you’ll need to bring to your badge office appointment.

Time to renew? Renew in AirBadge before you visit the airport badge office to receive the new badge. Don’t forget to bring your IDs and old badge!

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Access to AirBadge is by invitation only.

Log in using your invitation email.

AirBadge is a closed, secured system. Only invited individuals are authorized to log in. Each email from AirBadge includes your unique login address and link. Be sure to bookmark the page for easy future access.

Can’t find an email from AirBadge?
Ask your badge office to resend the welcome email.

AirBadge is for Authorized Signatories.

If you sponsor badges at your airport, you know that managing many badges can get complicated. AirBadge makes it easier.

Log into AirBadge and navigate to the Badges screen to see a list of all badges under your authorization. Click on “View Details” to see the status on each badge. As needed, mark badges as terminated, lost, stolen or destroyed to immediately inform your badge office of changes.

On the Badge Applications screen you can see all applicants under your authorization and the progress each has made towards completing their badge application. Add your signature to documents with a few clicks.

AirBadge helps with a variety of badge-related tasks*

  • Initiate paperless badge applications (new & renewal)
  • Sign application documents online
  • Schedule badge office appointments
  • Attend training and complete testing online
  • Renew your authorized signatory training
  • Manage badges under your authorization
  • Monitor progress on badge applications & renewals
  • Respond to TSA-ordered badge audits

*Not all tasks may be available or configured at all airports.

AirBadge progress diagram<br />

The AirBadge Process Overview diagram helps you monitor progress on each badge application. It updates each time progress is made.

Need Support?

Having trouble with something? We’ve got you covered. Browse resources and learn more about AirBadge.

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