Selective Integration: Our Strategic Approach


At AirBadge, we understand the unique compliance challenges faced by airports, and our product is strategically designed to address these specific needs. AirBadge is tailored to suit your needs precisely. By focusing on key functionalities that deliver tangible value and deliberately excluding unnecessary complexities that can cause delays and added costs, we demonstrate a thorough understanding of the challenges your airport faces while delivering quick and recognizable value.

While large and jumbo-sized airports contend with their own unique challenges, small and medium-sized airports shouldn’t have to face the additional challenge of bending an Identity Management System (IDMS) designed for larger operations to fit their unique requirements.

Our strategic focus on selective integration with PACS allows us to deliver the most valuable functionalities through our IDMS while carefully avoiding overextension into areas already well-served by PACS. This approach respects the natural boundaries of both systems and by steering clear of unnecessary complexities, our approach delivers value in a few key areas.

Reduced Implementation Time:

Our system is designed for rapid implementation, becoming operational in just six weeks, compared to the 18-24 months required by overly complex systems. This accelerated deployment enables your operations to benefit swiftly, sidestepping the delays and inefficiencies that often accompany more complicated integrations.

Faster Adoption:

Our IDMS is designed to be intuitive, reducing the learning curve that typically comes with navigating a new, complex system. By avoiding unnecessary duplication of processes you’re already familiar with in your PACS, we ensure our solution complements your existing workflows, making it easier for your team to adopt and use effectively.

Cost-Effective Operations: 

By avoiding unnecessary complexities, we keep implementation, training, support, and maintenance demands—and therefore costs—to a minimum. Your team benefits from our system almost immediately, ensuring more productive time throughout your contract. This contrasts with the extended setups commonly associated with other solutions in the market.

Mitigating Risk, Ensuring Reliability:

Recognizing the mission-critical role of the PACS, our IDMS is designed to be a reliable partner rather than an entangled gatekeeper. We strategically limit integration depth to safeguard against risks associated with PACS system updates or maintenance. By maintaining a clear boundary between IDMS and PACS functionalities, we significantly reduce the risk of operational disruptions, ensuring continuous, dependable operations. This approach also means that our IDMS does not need to be classified as a mission-critical system, thereby reducing the burden of support and maintenance costs considerably.

Choosing AirBadge means selecting a solution that prioritizes a balanced approach between functionality and operational practicality. Our commitment to optimized PACS integration isn’t just about adding features—it’s about ensuring that your airport’s operations run smoothly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

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