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How do I get an AirBadge account?

AirBadge accounts are created by your airport’s badge office or by your Authorized Signatory. There is no mechanism to “sign up” for an AirBadge account. If you already have an active badge and have been invited to AirBadge, start by resetting your password.

Where do I login to AirBadge?

The URL for AirBadge is shared with you by invitation only. Typically the invitation is sent via email. Search your email for a message from you airport’s badge office or from AirBadge. If you cannot find the message, contact your Authorized Signatory or badge office for help.

What is Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)?

Two-factor authentication is a type of login that enhances security. AirBadge uses a code, typically sent to your email or texted to your phone, as your second factor. Check your email or text message for the login code after entering your username and password.

More about two-factor:

Like its name suggests, two-factor requires two factors instead of just one. Traditional logins require a username and password. This is “something you know” and is the first factor. Two-factor requires a second factor in order to login. In the case of AirBadge, the second factor is “something you have”. This is a unique code that was just generated and sent to you. By requiring something you know and something you have, a two-factor authentication system is substantially more secure.

What if I forgot my password?

This happens all the time. Don’t worry about it. Just go to your login page and click the Reset Password link below the sign in box.

How do I reset my password?

We all lose or forget our passwords from time to time. Don’t worry about it. Just go to your login page and click the Reset Password link below the sign in box. Follow the instructions on the screen.

Which email address do I use to log into AirBadge?

It is common for people to have more than one email address. AirBadge will only use one email address to communicate with you. The easiest way to figure out which email address you should use to login to AirBadge is to look at the email sent to you. Wherever you received the email, that’s the address AirBadge has for you.

If you want to change your email address in AirBadge you will need to contact your airport’s badge office. For security reasons this cannot be done by a badge holder.

Why didn't I receive an invitation email from AirBadge?

This is almost always caused by aggressive junk email filtering. We recommend that you check your junk folder and then create a rule that allows all messages from AirBadge to be delivered to your inbox. There are many email providers and therefore many ways to accomplish this. You can start by adding AirBadge to your contacts. Consult your email documentation for relevant instructions.

Is AirBadge available at my airport?

If you are unsure if your airport is using AirBadge you should check with your airport’s badge office or your Authorized Signatory. AirBadge cannot disclose any information regarding which airports are using AirBadge.

Can I use a personal email address?

Depending on the policy of your employer or Authorized Signatory you might be able to use a personal email address. AirBadge does not enforce any rules of the Authorized Signtory or employers so it is up to you to do the right thing. If you’re unsure you should direct your question to your employer or Authorized Signatory.

If you are authorized to change your email address, you will need to contact you airport’s badge office to have them do this. As a badge holder you are unable to change your email address without their assistance.

Where do I get support?

You are on the AirBadge support portal right now. There are support pages which detail certain activities grouped by roles. On each page within AirBadge you can click the information icon (i) next to the title of each page for relevant help. If none of this works for you, contact your Authorized Signatory or badge office.

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