Best Practices for Your Airport Badge Office: Creating a culture of responsible badge stewardship

Running an efficient and secure airport badge office is crucial for maintaining the safety and integrity of your airport. Regularly reminding the airport population about badge ownership is one way to create a culture of responsible badge stewardship at your airport.

Airport badges are property of the airport. They do not belong to the company sponsoring the badge or the person carrying the badge.

Make a clear distinction between airport property and personal property. Emphasize to Authorized Signatories and your badged population that badges are not souvenirs or personal possessions; they are airport property. Consider regular reminders during security meetings or airport communications to emphasize the importance of returning badges that are no longer in use. Positive and proactive messaging can be shared on badges, badge-related forms, signage, handouts, and other communications. Regular reminders can help your airport population understand the importance of safeguarding all airport badges.

Specific practices may vary depending on local regulations, the size of your airport, and its unique requirements. It is essential to stay informed about current industry standards and adapt these best practices accordingly. Reach out to the AirBadge team for more ideas about how to improve efficiency in your airport’s badge office.

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