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Getting Started with AirBadge


This guide is intended for new users of AirBadge. It is intended to assist badge holders with their first login and other essential tasks. Helpful documentation is available within AirBadge, and a separate guide for Authorized Signatories is available.

Topics Covered

Requesting Help

Most questions regarding AirBadge can be answered using the on-screen documentation. Next to the title of each page is an icon with the letter i in the center. Click this button for more information. Questions can be directed to your Authorized Signatory or the Airport Security Coordinators in the Badge Office.

Accessing AirBadge

To access AirBadge an account must be created for you. There is no “sign up” functionality and only certain users of AirBadge can create your account. When an account has been created for you an invitation will be emailed to you. Save this invitation as you will need it for your first login.

AirBadge can be accessed via your modern smartphone, tablet or computer. AirBadge highly recommends that you use Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Microsoft Edge (version 86 or higher).

Note: Internet Explorer 11 has been tested to work with AirBadge; however, the browser has many shortcomings and a history of security problems. We highly recommend that you utilize a different browser whenever possible. Versions of Internet Explorer before 11.1 and versions of Microsoft Edge before 86 are unlikely to work flawlessly with AirBadge. Please upgrade and use a safer, more stable browser.

First Login

Logging into AirBadge requires access to the email account where you received the invitation from your Authorized Signer or from the Airport Badging Office. Within the invitation is a link to AirBadge. Follow that link. If your email program is unable to follow the link, copy and paste the URL into your browser. If the link you followed brings you to a screen which displays your full name and allows you to set your password, follow the instructions on screen to set your password. If the link you followed brings you to screen titled Sign In, you will need to have a password assigned to you. When you arrive at the Sign In page, be sure to bookmark the page.

The Sign In Screen
The Authentication Screen
  1. To have your password assigned, click the New User / Reset Password link on the Sign In screen. (shown above) This will reveal the Password Assistance screen.
  2. On the Password Assistance screen, enter your email address into the box and click the button labeled “Get Password.” (shown above)
  3. If you entered the correct email address, AirBadge will send a password to that address. Check your email for a message from AirBadge containing your new password. This is your password. Copy that password to make signing in easier.
  4. Continue to the next topic in this guide: Logging into AirBadge

Logging into AirBadge

AirBadge is a secured with Two-Factor Authentication. This means that your username and password are not enough to login. With each successful login attempt you will be sent a short code (5-6 digits) which you must enter to gain access. 

The Sign In Screen
Two Factor Authentication Code
  1. To log into AirBadge, access the login screen (from the bookmark you created at first login).
  2. Enter your email address and password and click the Sign in button (shown above). If you have not set your initial password, review the previous section in this guide (First Login).
  3. If your email address and password are correct, an code will be sent to you. Check your email or text message for a message from AirBadge containing an authentication code. Copy the code, return to the Sign in screen and paste it into the Code box (show above, right).
  4. An authentication code is dispatched to your email address promptly. The email will typically arrive in seconds, but it can take up to five minutes to appear in your inbox.

Changing Badge Status

AirBadge enables you to notify the badge office of specific status changes for you badge. Remember, if your badge is lost, stolen or damaged, you must report it to the Badge Office immediately or you may face a penalty fee.

You can accomplish this with AirBadge at any time: day or night. To change the status of your badge, visit the home screen of AirBadge (shown below).

The Home Screen
  1. To report you badge lost, stolen, or damaged, click the corresponding button. 
  2. You will be asked to confirm and upon doing so the badge office will be notified.

Notes: Your airport may require you to sign a form following this action. Reporting any of these status changes will not prevent you from accessing AirBadge.


Depending on your badge type or role, you may be required to meet certain training requirements. To access the training that is assigned to you, visit your home screen. If training is assigned, you will see it listed in the Training section. In the image below the badge holder is assigned SIDA training. To begin the training click the Begin Training button (shown below).

The Home Screen
  1. Most training is done by video, and the information is protected. Review the security advisory and be sure you have a good Internet connection before you begin. Videos can take a moment to begin playing and must be watched to the end before you can navigate them. This means no fast forward and no rewind until the video has been fully watched. Certain training courses may have a test attached to them.
  2. If a test component is included, it will be shown below the video. Complete the test and press the submit button at the bottom when you are finished.
  3. Some tests require a signature. You will be presented with a digital signature tool when required. Follow the instructions on the screen.
  4. After the test is graded, your result will be visible on the home screen in the Training Section.

Responding to an Audit

Periodically your airport will be required by TSA to perform a media audit. This process involves your participation in which you must verify that you have possession of the badge issued to you. When your airport performs an audit, you will be notified. This may come via email, text, from within AirBadge or via your Authorized Signatory. AirBadge will help you verify that you have possession of your badge.
Before you begin the audit, you must have your badge in your possession.

  1. Begin the audit by logging into AirBadge.
  2. On the home screen, locate the My Audits area which is typically the first item below the title.
  3. Review the details of the audit below the Perform Audit button for important information.
  4. When you are ready to proceed with the audit, click the Perform Audit button

Note: If the Perform Audit button is not shown, your badge is not under audit. It is possible that you or your Authorized Signatory may have already completed the audit successfully.

The Home Screen
  1. The next screen will ask you a series of questions. Read the questions carefully and click the button that corresponds to your response.
The Badge Audit Screen
  1. After answering the questions you will be asked to enter a code. Requirement at each airport vary. Be sure to read the question carefully and click the link for “What is this?” if you are unsure.  Most often the code requested is your badge code. Your badge code is found on the back of your badge. The badge code is the first group of characters, usually 5-7 digits long. Enter the badge code and click Verify to complete your audit.
  2. You are allocated a certain number of attempts to correctly verify your badge code. (Typically 3-5 attempts.) If you fail to verify your badge code in the allocated attempts, please ask your Authorized Signatory for help. Your Authorized Signatory also has the same number of attempts and can verify your code on your behalf.  Your Authorized Signatory has a special screen in AirBadge specifically designed for helping badge holders with the auditing process. The screen is called Auditing and it is found in the main menu at the top right.
  3. If you Authorized Signatory also fails, you have failed the audit. Please contact the badge office.

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