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Frequently Asked Questions (faq)

The AirBadge FAQ covers many of the most popular questions about AirBadge. If you’re looking for a fast answer, start here.


Help for Badge Holders

All users of AirBadge should review this help section for information about logging in and managing your badge. Topics include:

  • Accessing AirBadge
  • Logging In (including two-factor authentication)
  • Changing your badge status (reporting lost, stolen or damaged)
  • Attending training
  • Responding to an audit

Help for Authorized Signatories

Authorized Signatories have substantially more tools available to them in addition to their own badge holder features. Authorized Signatories can substantially speed up their processes by making the most of AirBadge. Review this help section for information about inviting new applicants and managing existing badge holders. Topics covered include:

  • Badge audits
  • Managing badges
  • Badge holder management
  • Inviting applicants
  • Badge application management

Need Support?

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