AirBadge Features

The AirBadge platform has many modules to support your badge office operations.













Secure Cloud-Based Badge Management

AirBadge Platform

  • Facilitates secure badge management operations at commercial service airports
  • Manage people, badges, badge applications, badge audits and training
  • Easily sort, filter and export data for reports and TSA compliance
  • Enterprise scalability to support multiple badge offices.
  • Engage your badgeholders on their device of choice – Android, iOS and wearables
  • Define structured processes that follow your established ASP to support more streamlined, more efficient, more accurate, more secure operations.

AirBadge Infrastructure

  • Fully managed cloud infrastructure and security
  • Infrastructure monitoring and maintenance to ensure reliability
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • 24/7 physical security at datacenter locations
  • High availability solutions available up to 2N+1

TSA 1542 Compliance

  • Platform approved for use by TSA
  • Modules and features meet or exceed security guidelines
  • We can help improve your ASP to allow for AirBadge

Badge Management

  • Easily access data quickly with sorting and filtering
  • Collaborate in real time
  • Notes and comments on badges and people preserve historical activities
  • Navigate security and authorization hierarchy

Badge Applications

  • Process new badge applications and renewals according to customizable workflows
  • Prepare and digitally sign authorizer’s statement and badge application forms
  • Connect required training to an application or renewal workflow

Badge Audits

  • Create, track and manage TSA mandated badge audits
  • Easily customize badge selection criteria including randomization by type, previous audits and more
  • Authorized Signatories can track and assist their badge holders on web and mobile to ensure prompt compliance


  • Securely show video content
  • Connect training to an application or renewal
  • Expire and prevent unauthorized access
  • Automated testing and grading
  • Correlate training to badge endorsements to ensure compliance


  • Automate notifications based on customizable rules
  • Alert third parties (e.g. airport security or operations)
  • Expedite internal tasks and improve security response times

People and Role Management

People Management

  • Track STA, CHRC and doc expiration dates
  • View history of applications, badges, renewals, incidents
  • Navigate security and authorization hierarchy (including Authorized Signatory dependants)
  • Track first responder credentials
  • Track movement area credentials
  • View people with active and inactive badges
  • Invite new people to apply for a badge
  • Track Authorized Signer training and authority

Role Management

  • Specific security capabilities for Airport Managers, Airport Security Coordinators, Trusted Agents, Authorized Signatories, Badge Holders, Applicants and Invitees.
  • Assign multiple roles for a single individual
  • Supports team-based signatories for larger companies with multiple signatories

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